Berry Fresh


Berry Fresh Australia is an Australian owned family business.
They only use berries grown in Australia, by Australian farmers.

The Berry Fresh network of berry growers stretches from the magical Yarra Valley in Victoria right up to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Strawberries are grown on their own farms in both the Yarra Valley in VIC and the Sunshine Coast in QLD.

Raspberries also from the same areas and Fresh Blueberries from Aussie growers in both Coffs Harbour (NSW) and Victoria.

The best tasting berry varieties are grown to be able to bring you the best flavoured Berry Products possible.

The Freeze Dry process allows us to give our customers the best and most natural tasting Berry Powders and Crumbles available while not having to worry about Fresh Fruit going bad or wasting.
The product remains 100% Natural with No Additives, No Preservatives and No Artificial Colouring added!

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