Creative Cake Decorating Natural Colour Paste 30g

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Designed specifically for universal colouring in most mediums, including buttercream, ganache, fondant and royal icing
Also suitable for painting, if diluted with decorator’s alcohol.

100% edible.  Gluten and dairy free. No additives or preservatives.
Please note they may contain traces of peanuts.

Natural colouring may not produce as strong result as conventional gels & pastes.

Caramel - Natural Caramel E150a
Black – Vegetable carbon E153
Grape - Grape Skin extract E163
Green – Saffron E164, Gardenia flower extract
Yellow – Saffron E164
Pink – Carmine E120 (not vegan)
Orange – Saffron E164, Cochineal E120 (not vegan)
Red - Monascus Red

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