Loyal Clear Degradable Disposable 30cm / 12 inch Piping Bags (Pack of 100)

  • $24.95
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These high quality clear biodegradable piping bags can be used with any icing nozzles, just cut the end to accommodate any size or attach an icing bag adapter or coupler.


  • Made from 100% BIODEGRADABLE (EPI) materials 
  • Box made from recyclable paper.
  • Ideal for both professional and home use.
  • Save time cleaning with disposable, affordable piping bags.
  • Hygienic with a sterile interior.
  • Suitable for all cold, hot, light and heavy food and cake fillings.
  • Can be used with most soft mixtures, icings, creams, pureed vegetables and more!

30.5cm (12 inch) piping bags in a dispenser, pack of 100.

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