Acetate Food Wrap 6cm wide (per metre)

Acetate Food Wrap 6cm wide (per metre)

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Use for chocolate work and creating decorations as a sheet or cut into strips.

Cut to fit cheesecake, mouse and other moulds.

  • Perfect for stacking cakes with custards, creams or jelly fillings
  • Build curved and custom designed desserts and savouries
  • Strips can be cut to size and is flexible to bend and mould
  • Excellent for all chocolate work, e.g. bows and bands
  • Acetate peels away from all surfaces smoothly
  • When using with chocolate it leaves a natural sheen (gloss)
  • A completely Food Safe product (reusable if required)

Size: 6cm (60mm) wide, sold by the metre.

Multiple metres will be a continuous length.