Ann Clark Fancy Cross Cookie / Biscuit Cutter 12.5cm

Ann Clark Fancy Cross Cookie / Biscuit Cutter 12.5cm

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Our elegant large cross is a great cookie cutter for religious and church events such as baptisms and christenings.

Designed by the extraordinary cookie artist Anne Yorks at Flour Box Bakery.

Size: 12.5cm (5 inch)

Made in the USA

Hand wash and dry immediately. Not dishwasher safe.

Cookies decorated by Flour Box Bakery.


Anne Yorks is the owner and head decorator of Flour Box Bakery LLC. She started decorating cookies in 2007 when she left the 'real world' to be a stay-at-home mom and pursue her dreams of owning and operating her own company. A baker since a very young age, Anne is self-taught and has perfected her cookies and recipes over years of trial and error. She has taught two online Craftsy classes and loves to teach live classes in her cookie studio in Bellefonte, PA.


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