Black Cocoa Powder - Barry Callebaut (500g)

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Black Dutch Cocoa Powder is  a very rich, mellow, non-bitter, and extremely black! Using this cocoa powder will ensure your cakes bake to a deep black colour. Add to chocolate buttercream for an intense black colour.

Black cocoa powder is simply a cocoa powder that has been heavily 'Dutched' or alkalised to a pH level of 8. Black Cocoa Powder is not a dark-chocolate powder.

This super black colour is achieved by heavier alkalizing, and no food colours have been used to create it. This means that black cocoa powder is an amazing natural colouring agent. You’ll be able to achieve a deep black colour for Buttercream or Cake Batter, that won’t stain your teeth as gel colouring can.

When baking with Black cocoa powder, the main thing you need to remember is you can’t swap natural cocoa powder with black cocoa powder. Normal cocoa powder can be acidic (natural) or neutral (dutched), so always stick with the type of cocoa called for in that recipe. You can easily swap natural cocoa powder for black cocoa powder, but doing the other way around can result in a flat cake and sunken cupcakes. Black cocoa powder (as well as normal dutch cocoa powder) won’t react with baking soda which helps your cake rise, so make sure the recipe uses baking powder.

Gluten & dairy free.

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