Roberts Silky Icing Meringue Buttercream Mix 400g

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Our Roberts - Silky Icing Meringue Buttercream Mix has been developed in Australia and is proudly manufactured here as well.
Just follow our easy recipe that only requires you to add Water and Butter. A vegetable creaming shortening can also be substituted instead of butter or used in a combination of both.

We are most proud of our recipe that has been designed to enable the home baker to achieve a consistent and quick result as close to a Swiss Meringue Buttercream style made from scratch.

You don't need to boil or cook the mixture beforehand you just add water and mix and then add diced butter and mix again.!
They silky smooth icing has a lovely subtle vanilla flavour that melts in the mouth without any gritty or sugary aftertaste.
Just follow our mixing instructions to achieve a professional result.

The mix can also be flavoured and coloured.

400g of Dry Mix will easily cover a 8" Round cake or enough to ice 24 cupcakes.
Dry mix can be used 200g at a time and stored for later use.
Mixture can be piped or spread and holds firm if refrigerated - great to use as in between layers as well.

Ingredients Directions: See Back of Pack Image

Allergen Statement: CONTAINS EGG May Contain Milk Soy and Gluten due to shared manufacturing equipment.

Note: If using a mixer with less than 1000 watts additional whipping time may be required and results may vary. A whisk and paddle attachment is required to achieve the desired result.

This item cannot be shipped outside Australia.

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