Roberts Vanilla No Spread Biscuit Mix 1kg

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Roberts Vanilla No Spread Biscuit Mix has been developed in Australia and is proudly manufactured here as well.
It has a delicious vanilla shortbread taste and will hold its shape once cut and baked.
Use for the very popular two-layer cookie cakes as well as shapes, figures, people, etc
Just follow our easy recipe that requires butter and water.

We are most proud of our recipe that has been designed to enable the home baker to achieve a consistent even bake with no spread.

Just follow our mixing and baking instructions to achieve a professional result.
Example of what you can make with 1 kg (you can do in 500g batches and store the rest for later use)
- 6 cm Biscuit - approximately 70
- 26 x 16 cm Number Biscuit Large - approximately 4

Directions: See Back of Pack Image


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