Roberts Edible Craft Natural Flavour 30ml

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Natural Flavours are a clever product as they add flavour along with the aroma in one easy step!  

Baking & Dessert Application: Use it in baking and dessert applications, such as cake & biscuit batters, icings, frostings, ice cream, cream and macarons.    
It isn’t a sweetener, so you may require additional sugars to taste, in your base ingredient (ie Milkshakes).

Flavours, except Jaffa, are not suitable to flavour chocolate, as they are water-based. They may cause chocolate to seize as you are adding a water-based product to an oil-based product. 
Jaffa can be used to flavour chocolate items.

Dosage Rate: 2-3 Drops, or between 0.1-0.20%
Use an eye dropper for accurate measuring.
Once opened, stored in cool dry conditions away from direct sunlight and heat.
Shelf life is greater than 24 months, if stored correctly.
Ingredients:  Natural Flavour
Suitable for Kosher, Vegan & Vegetarian dietary requirements.
Not suitable for Halal dietary requirements.

Made in Australia from Local and Imported Ingredients.

Contents:  30 mls 

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