Sprinks Paint Brushes (set of 10)

  • $16.95
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Contains 10 brushes, making it easy to paint cookies, sugarcraft models, cakes and cupcakes with designs from impressionistic to detailed.

Food-Safe Bristles: The brushes are made with soft synthetic bristles that are safe for use with food. This ensures that your creations remain edible and safe for consumption.

Brush Types and Uses:

  • Liner Brush: Ideal for intricate details, delicate lines, and fine work.
  • Round Brush: Can be used for both thin and thick lines, providing flexibility in stroke thickness.
  • Small Flat Brush: Suitable for shading, blending, and applying dust colors for a smoother transition between shades.
  • Angled Flat Brushes: Designed for painting curved strokes, creating flower petals, and achieving artistic angles in your designs.
  • Large Flat Brushes: Useful for bolder designs, lines, and dusting larger areas with color.

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